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Petchem Credit Sales Should Be a Model for Other Sectors: Presidential Aide

Petchem Credit Sales Should Be a Model for Other Sectors: Presidential Aide
(Tuesday, June 11, 2024) 14:26

TEHRAN, June 10 (NIPNA) - The petrochemical industry's success in credit sales should serve as a model for other industries, according to Karimpoor, the Executive Secretary of the Presidential Initiative for the Revival of Economic Units.

Speaking at the inaugural National Conference on Credit Sales of Petrochemical Products, Karimpoor highlighted the achievements of the petrochemical sector under the 13th government.

Karimpoor noted that since the inception of this initiative two years ago, over 1,200 trillion rials ($120 billion) in financing has been provided through credit sales, with monthly credit sales sometimes reaching 100 trillion rials ($10 billion). "This success is commendable and has revitalized many downstream units," he stated.

He added that more than 9,000 economic units have been revived during the current administration, creating 215,000 direct and indirect jobs. Over 3,000 trillion rials ($300 billion) in capital has been restored, preventing the easy shutdown of any unit by developing various revival strategies.

Karimpoor praised the government's collaboration with the private sector, noting that over 1,000 economic units have been revived by private entities. "Utilizing the capacities of the private sector in economic recovery is a significant achievement of the 13th government," he said.

He further stressed that the success of credit sales in the petrochemical industry should be replicated in other key industries, such as steel, copper, aluminum, and home appliances, to ensure continuous production. "The National Petrochemical Company should share its successful experiences with other industries," Karimpoor emphasized.

He concluded by reiterating the impressive achievements of the petrochemical industry, noting that the sector has peaked under the current government with substantial credit-based financing, showcasing a model for other sectors to follow.

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