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Mobin Energy Persian Gulf Sets Record in Electricity Production

Mobin Energy Persian Gulf Sets Record in Electricity Production
(Saturday, June 1, 2024) 09:56

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - Mobin Energy Persian Gulf has set a new record in electricity production, surpassing its annual target due to increased domestic consumption. In 2023, the company's active power generation target was 3,981,200 megawatts. However, actual production rose to 4,042,983 megawatts, marking a 102% increase.

According to a report from Mobin Energy Persian Gulf, several products saw remarkable growth compared to the projected figures for 2023, achieving notable records. The company’s steam production reached 12,051,081 tons, exceeding the planned 11,190,840 tons. This 108% increase was attributed to reduced steam return from Zagros and higher sales to Phase 2.

Additionally, Mobin Energy Persian Gulf planned to produce 15,004,355 cubic meters of desalinated water but achieved 16,284,727 cubic meters, a 109% increase. However, there was a slight decline in demineralized water production, with the company producing 20,204,709 cubic meters against the target of 20,374,295 cubic meters.

The company also experienced significant increases in nitrogen (gas and liquid) production by 111%, instrument air production by 102%, and open-loop cooling water production by 101%. These increases were driven by higher sales to Mobin Energy Persian Gulf's customers.

Despite these successes, Mobin Energy Persian Gulf faced production declines in HP oxygen, MP oxygen, service air, and closed-loop cooling water due to reduced consumption and sales to their petrochemical clients.

Mobin Energy Persian Gulf is a key supplier of utilities, including water, electricity, steam, oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air, and industrial wastewater treatment services in the South Pars region (Assaluyeh).

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