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Marun Petchem Targets Value Chain Integration in Industry Strategy

Marun Petchem Targets Value Chain Integration in Industry Strategy
(Sunday, May 19, 2024) 10:06

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - Marun Petrochemical Company is aligning its operations with the Supreme Leader's directive to enhance the value chain in the petrochemical industry, aiming for significant growth and development.

According to Amin Amraei, CEO of Marun Petrochemical Company, the company's strategic focus is guided by the National Petrochemical Company's (NPC) comprehensive roadmap for industry advancement. "Supporting domestic producers and manufacturers to boost existing capacities is crucial for the development of the petrochemical industry in our country," Amraei stated.

Amraei highlighted the NPC's pivotal role as a regulator and supporter in fostering collaboration among industry players to achieve value chain integration. "Marun Petrochemical is committed to this path, aligning with the Supreme Leader's emphasis on completing the value chain," he added.

Addressing the industry's longstanding challenge, Amraei pointed out, "The missing link in our petrochemical industry is value chain integration. Following the Supreme Leader's directive, the NPC has defined a developmental roadmap based on this principle."

Amraei latter half of the previous year. "For the first time in April 2024, Marun Petrochemical operated at 106% of its nominal capacity," he noted.

Amraei outlined the company's operational priorities, which include the Kosar Sanat, Sadra Shimi Khuzestan, Ibn Sina Hamedan projects, and the joint Acrylonitrile project with TAPPICO at Abadan Petrochemical.

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