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PGPIC Boosts Output Capacity by 14% in 1403

PGPIC Boosts Output Capacity by 14% in 1403
(Monday, April 8, 2024) 15:50

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Abdulali Aliasgari, CEO of the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Development Company (PGPIC), announced a 14% increase in the production capacity of the holding this year through the operation of projects such as Hengam Petrochemical, Apadana Methanol, Hoveyzeh Refinery, Sadaf Petrochemical, Ilam Arghavan Petrochemical, and others.

Speaking at the "Specialized Meeting of Senior Managers in the Petrochemical Industry with the Aim of Achieving a Production Surge with People's Participation," Aliasgari emphasized that this year's slogan of achieving a production surge with people's participation entails revolutionary actions rather than conventional approaches to address the country's needs.

"In the context of people's participation, we need to develop sectors of production where the masses can invest. Developing downstream sectors and completing the value chain will attract genuine private sector capital and the participation of medium and small people-owned companies, facilitating increased public participation," Aliasgari stated.

He further noted the planned construction of chemical and petrochemical parks in the Makran and Parsian regions, which will play a significant role in developing the value chain and expanding downstream industries.

Aliasgari addressed the business environment in Iran, stating, "The business environment in Iran is not favorable, and detrimental bureaucratic hurdles need to be rectified as production barriers. Achieving a production surge is contingent upon reforming the business environment."

Regarding the past year's production, Aliasgari mentioned that PGPIC’s production reached 24 million tons, representing a growth of 1.6 million tons or a 6% increase.

"This year, production capacity will increase by up to 14%, with various units including Hengam Petrochemical, Apadana Methanol, Hoveyzeh Refinery, Sadaf Petrochemical, Ilam Arghavan Petrochemical, Bandar Imam Ethane Recovery, Noori Petrochemical Desalination Unit, Buali Paraxylene Reconstruction, Haiko Project, Lordegan Crystal Melamine, Petro Park, and Negin Songhor Petrochemical, as well as the Gachsaran Petrochemical, which faced challenges, set to become operational and commence production," Aliasgari added.

The specialized meeting aimed at achieving a production surge with public participation was held today (Sunday, April 7, 2024) with the presence of Morteza Shahmirzaei, Deputy Minister of Petroleum, and CEOs of petrochemical holdings and companies, along with managers of several petrochemical projects. The meeting, hosted by the production control management of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), addressed the programs and concerns of companies to achieve the slogan of the year.

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