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Iran Petchem Output Surge in 1403

Iran Petchem Output Surge in 1403
(Monday, April 8, 2024) 15:49

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Ismail Ghanbari, CEO of Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group, emphasized the crucial role of expediting the completion of developmental projects and units under construction in achieving a production surge in the petrochemical industry.

Speaking at the "Specialized Meeting of Senior Managers in the Petrochemical Industry with the Aim of Achieving a Production Surge with People's Participation," Ghanbari stressed the importance of reaching actual production capacity, noting that there is approximately a 30% gap between nominal capacity and actual production.

"Part of the production capacity gap stems from feedstock issues, while another part is due to operational challenges within the units," Ghanbari explained.

Highlighting the significance of completing developmental projects and units under construction, Ghanbari stated, "Completing the value chain in the petrochemical industry is another important aspect that needs attention."

He continued, "Creating attractiveness in this sector is essential to encourage public participation in investment, as investors are sensitive and hesitant. If they perceive negative signals from regulations, instability in decision-making, etc., they will refrain from investing."

Ghanbari emphasized the need to assure the public that investing in the petrochemical industry and its complementary units provides investment security.

Referring to the valuable efforts of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) in the development of the petrochemical industry, Ghanbari expressed expectations for continued support from the company in increasing actual production capacity.

"When we hold the second position in global gas reserves, the fourth position in oil reserves, and the first position in total hydrocarbon reserves, we expect this industry to be much more active internationally than it is today," he added.

Ghanbari also highlighted the technological challenges alongside the feedstock challenges, noting the effective infrastructure established in the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company to meet the demand for enhancing access to current technology and aiding petrochemical units more than ever before.

The specialized meeting aimed at achieving a production surge with public participation was held today (Sunday, April 7, 2024) with the presence of Morteza Shahmirzaei, Deputy Minister of Petroleum, and CEOs of petrochemical holdings and companies, along with managers of several petrochemical projects. The meeting, hosted by the production control management of the NPC, addressed the programs and concerns of companies to achieve the slogan of the year.

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