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8% Rise in Methanol Output of Bushehr Petchen Plant

8% Rise in Methanol Output of Bushehr Petchen Plant
(Sunday, March 10, 2024) 12:55

BUSHEHR (NIPNA) - The CEO of Bushehr Petrochemical Company announced an 8% increase in methanol production compared to the previous year, with the production unit surpassing 1.5 million tons on March 9, 2024.

Javad Hatami, addressing reporters, highlighted Bushehr Petrochemical Company's dual focus on production and value chain enhancement, especially with the implementation of the second phase of development projects.

"We have tackled many challenges and achieved significant success for shareholders, the company, and the country by revising strategies and setting new goals," stated Hatami, emphasizing the company's commitment to its dual objectives.

He elaborated on the significance of concurrent production and the execution of four projects under the second phase, which provided an opportunity to contribute to the country's economy through exports and currency earnings, alongside meeting domestic demands.

Hatami revealed that Bushehr Petrochemical Company had achieved a new production record for methanol in the final week of the Iranian calendar year, expressing pride in the team's efforts to maintain production lines, conduct repairs, and address process leaks without interrupting production.

"The company's reliance on internal expertise, along with the motivation of talented youth, has been pivotal in increasing production," he added, noting the company's focus on knowledge transfer through university projects and collaboration with knowledge-based companies.

Hatami concluded by highlighting the significance of the methanol unit's exceptional performance, especially as the completion of three units under the second phase approaches, signaling an enhanced role for Bushehr Petrochemical in the country's economy and industry.

Bushehr Petrochemical Company, located in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, began its operations in 2020 with a production capacity of 6.5 million tons of petrochemical products. The company, with its investment, has established the only gas refinery in the petrochemical industry and is set to have nine process units covering a unique value chain from upstream gas to basic methane and ethane products.

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