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Iran's Petrochemical Industry Among Global Catalyst Technology Exporters

Iran's Petrochemical Industry Among Global Catalyst Technology Exporters
(Monday, February 12, 2024) 14:43

MASHHAD (NIPNA) -- Iran's Deputy Oil Minister and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company stated on the sidelines of the Petrochemical Narration Exhibition that Iran's petrochemical industry, by indigenizing 97 percent of its required catalysts, now stands among the leading global exporters of catalyst technology, once monopolized by Western countries.

Morteza Shahmirzai made these remarks on Friday, February 9, during a visit to the Petrochemical Narration Exhibition, which showcases the achievements of the government over the past two years and is being held at the permanent exhibition site of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza.

"This exhibition, organized by the Government Communications Center and the religious institution, is an effective and innovative event in the field of narrating the progress of the achievements and actions of the Thirteenth People's Government, currently being held," Shahmirzai said.

"The days of the Islamic Revolution's victory and the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution are occasions for congratulating the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the esteemed families of martyrs, veterans, the disabled, the clergy, and our compatriots on visiting the ancient land and the land of the Islamic Republic of Iran," he added.

He continued: "The oil industry in Iran, including industries that have been under the control and supervision of foreign consultants since the discovery of the first oil well in Masjid-i-Sulaiman on May 25, 1908, has now become independent and has grown and developed by the hands of Iranian youth, specialists, and engineers following the command of the late Imam [Khomeini] and the Islamic Revolution."

Shahmirzai added: "Today, on the eve of the anniversary of victory, I am proud to announce to all the esteemed ones who have hearts set on the ideals of the Islamic Revolution that the oil industry has become completely self-sufficient and independent in designing, construction, operation, and production of goods and equipment in the high, intermediate, and downstream sectors, especially in the field of pipelines and energy flows, one hundred percent."

The Deputy Oil Minister stated: "Forty-five years ago, the petrochemical industry was completely dependent on foreign countries for design, construction, implementation, commissioning, and procurement of goods and equipment, and especially in the provision of technical knowledge of chemical materials and the production of petrochemical catalysts. But today, with the guidance of Dr. Raisi, the President of the country, and the support of the Minister of Oil, we have defeated the oppressive sanctions, and now more than 97 percent of the required petrochemical and gas catalysts have been localized."

Shahmirzai emphasized: "Iran's petrochemical industry is among the leading global exporters of catalyst technology. Iran is the cradle of oil, gas, and petrochemical industry technology production, and we are fully prepared to provide technical and engineering services, design, and manufacturing of parts to countries that are still under the domination of foreign countries."

The Petrochemical Narration Exhibition, initiated and held by the Government Communications Center and the religious institution with the aim of creating hope and presenting the achievements and effective actions of the Thirteenth People's Government in various sectors, is attended by 10 ministries and institutes. Each institution narrates the government's achievements in various formats.

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