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CEO: Petchem Industry, Vanguard in Advancing the Country while Upholding Islamic Revolution Ideals

CEO: Petchem Industry, Vanguard in Advancing the Country while Upholding Islamic Revolution Ideals
(Monday, February 12, 2024) 14:41

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- In a gathering of petrochemical industry employees and their families, Morteza Shahmirzai, the Deputy Minister of Oil and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company, stressed the need to safeguard the achievements of the Islamic Revolution, including the efforts of industry pioneers.

The commemoration ceremony for the forty-fifth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the sixty-fifth year of Iran's petrochemical industry, attended by managers and employees of the National Petrochemical Company, took place with grandeur.

Shahmirzai extended his congratulations on the occasion of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) ascension and the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, stating, "Iran's petrochemical industry is advancing with reliance on the capabilities, knowledge, and talents of its industry leaders."

"The completion of the value chain and the creation of value-added are the strategic objectives of the value-creating petrochemical industry in the thirteenth government," Shahmirzai said. "Today marks 65 years since the commencement of the first petrochemical operations in Iran; an industry that was entirely dependent on foreign sources before the revolution but is now managed by domestic experts."

Shahmirzai added, "Indigenous production of catalysts is one of the great achievements of Iran's petrochemical industry, and we are currently earnestly indigenousizing all catalysts, with all necessary catalysts expected to be domestically produced by the end of the thirteenth government."

"Fortunately, today, many industrial needs, including goods, equipment, and components, are manufactured by Iranian companies and supplied to petrochemical plants," he said, noting that production capacity has increased from 1.5 million tons before the revolution to 95 million tons, achieving a sixty-fold growth.

Addressing the youth, Shahmirzai urged them to protect the achievements of the revolution and the efforts of their parents in various fields of the petrochemical industry, stating, "Do not allow enemies and ill-wishers to harm the valuable ideals and achievements of the glorious Islamic Revolution."

During the ceremony, recognition was given to the sacrifices and bravery of veterans and war-disabled individuals of the National Petrochemical Company for their valor and heroism during the Sacred Defense era.

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