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Iran President Stresses Completion of Downstream Industries

Iran President Stresses Completion of Downstream Industries
(Saturday, February 3, 2024) 10:19

HORMOZGAN (NIPNA) -- President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi highlighted the importance of completing downstream industries and the value chain, emphasizing that it leads to an increase in added value for domestically produced raw materials.

The president made these remarks during the inauguration ceremony of 157 projects in the fields of industry and energy as part of the government's second public visit to Hormozgan province.

According to the official presidential information portal, President Raisi stated on Thursday, "Today, Iran is recognized as an advanced country and a technological beacon in the Islamic world." He commended the efforts of engineers, workers, and stakeholders involved in the completion of these projects.

Among the inaugurated projects, the president specifically mentioned the significant initiative of constructing a 5,000-megawatt nuclear power plant in Sirak, as announced by the head of the Atomic Energy Organization. He underscored the importance of this nuclear power plant as a crucial infrastructure for the country's economy and progress, expressing hope that it would become operational promptly with the expertise of engineers, workers, and industry professionals.

President Raisi emphasized that the primary focus for everyone should be on efforts to promote production growth. He noted the country's abundant capacities and stressed that all efforts should be directed toward realizing these potentials. In addition to production growth, he highlighted the importance of consumption management, stating that unchecked consumption could lead to dependence on foreign purchases and imports, despite increased production.

Warning about the drawbacks of relying on raw material exports, President Raisi stated, "Crude sales bring significant losses to the country; instead, by completing downstream industries and the value chain, we can generate higher added value from the raw materials produced domestically."

Expressing gratitude to all those involved in implementing these projects, President Raisi remarked, "The operationalization of these units is a significant step towards enhancing the economic independence of the country." He concluded by celebrating the nation's political independence and emphasized that economic independence is a crucial aspect of national sovereignty. The president praised the demonstrated capability to achieve economic independence through the successful inauguration of the projects.

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