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Arya Sasol Introduces New Downstream Petchem Grade

Arya Sasol Introduces New Downstream Petchem Grade
(Sunday, January 14, 2024) 15:24

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - Arya Sasol Polymer Company unveiled its latest product, Grade 1969, designed for the extrusion coating application, aiming to prevent an annual outflow of $15 million in hard currency and enhance the production of high-value-added products in downstream industries.

In a meeting with the management of downstream industries at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) on Tuesday (19th of Dey, 1402), Arya Sasol Polymer Company presented the new Grade 1969 designed for extrusion coating applications.

Following the footsteps of Sabic and Dow Chemical, Arya Sasol Polymer is the third producer globally of the extrusion coating application, one of the newest grades in the petrochemical industry. Grade 1969 finds applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food packaging, and several other sectors.

The product was initially introduced on December 21st of the current year on the Iran Commodity Exchange and is ready for future offerings if demand persists.

In addition to meeting domestic demands, the new Grade 1969 from Arya Sasol Polymer is exported to various countries, with companies from diverse nations expressing interest in purchasing this product.

The production of this new grade in the petrochemical industry not only prevents an annual outflow of $15 million in hard currency but also expands the export markets for this industry, leading to the production of higher value-added products and increased profitability in downstream industries and the country.

This new grade, developed with the assistance of the NPC's downstream industry management, underwent upgrades to its second and third generations in the early days of 1402.

Among the essential applications of this grade are its use in multi-layer Tetra Pak and Aseptic packaging, internal coating of paper cups, printing paper coating, injection syringe packaging, postal pouches, packaging for food and hygiene materials, disposable hospital blankets, and other similar uses.

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