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Petchem Health Conference Stresses Social Responsibility Capacities in Health Field

Petchem Health Conference Stresses Social Responsibility Capacities in Health Field
(Monday, January 8, 2024) 17:08

KISH (NIPNA) -- At the two-day summit of petrochemical health chiefs hosted by Pars Petrochemical Company, the Director of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) underscored leveraging social responsibility capacities within the health sector as a pivotal step in advancing future industrial health programs.

According to Pars Petrochemical Company’s public relations, Davoud Emadi acknowledged the commendable endeavors and valuable initiatives of petrochemical companies in the realm of healthcare during the summit held at the Kish International Convention Center.

Emadi delved into the overarching policies of NPC, elaborating on the HSE guidelines and fostering conducive opportunities to enhance the occupational health stature.

Highlighting the definition of improvement projects and utilizing social responsibility capacities in the health domain, the HSE Director emphasized their potential as effective strides in advancing industrial health plans within petrochemical companies.

During the conference, Mohammad Ali Khademyan, HSE Director of Persian Gulf Petrochemical Holding, elucidated the industrial health measures within the Persian Gulf Holding and future strategies in this domain.

He emphasized the necessity of systematically advancing operational processes within companies, forging collaboration agreements with universities, and harnessing the nation's scientific potential in health and safety initiatives as significant actions by Persian Gulf Holding.

The summit further showcased the performance report of Pars Petrochemical Company, along with the leading executive and research projects of Ariasasol Petrochemical Company, and presentations on petrochemical terminals and reservoirs.

This assembly served as a platform not only for acknowledging achievements but also for steering collective efforts toward reinforcing health standards and social responsibility practices within the petrochemical industry.

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