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Bushehr Petchem Projects Emphasize Environmental Standards

Bushehr Petchem Projects Emphasize Environmental Standards
(Saturday, January 6, 2024) 09:50

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- In a groundbreaking initiative, the CEO of Bushehr Petrochemical Company emphasized the pivotal role of adhering to environmental standards in the execution of developmental projects within the petrochemical sector.

During the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding with the Environmental Protection Agency of Bushehr Province, Javad Hatami, the CEO of Bushehr Petrochemical Company, affirmed the strategic priority of implementing developmental schemes while upholding environmental protocols.

According to the public relations department of Bushehr Petrochemical Company, the memorandum commits the company to support environmental initiatives in Bushehr Province for a duration of five years, extending assistance to environmental centers within the region as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Hatami highlighted the company's earnest dedication to fulfilling its social responsibilities within the region, asserting that among the primary objectives of Bushehr Petrochemical Company lies the execution of developmental projects while strictly adhering to environmental standards.

Moreover, Abdulrahman Moradzadeh, the Director-General of Environmental Protection in Bushehr Province, commemorated the memory of environmental martyrs, emphasizing the consideration of environmental protection as a fundamental public duty enshrined in 50 foundational laws.

Continuing his address, Moradzadeh underscored the importance of a collective focus on environmental principles, stressing the significance of community-oriented policies in fostering environmental consciousness through the establishment of environmental centers with a core emphasis on public engagement.

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