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NPC CEO Celebrates Petrochemical Industry Day

NPC CEO Celebrates Petrochemical Industry Day
(Saturday, December 30, 2023) 12:01

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Marking the occasion of Petrochemical Industry Day, Morteza Shahmirzai, Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), extended his congratulations to the esteemed members of the industry, attributing the present advancements in Iran's petrochemical industry to their dedicated efforts.

In a heartfelt message delivered on the occasion of Petrochemical Industry Day, Shahmirzai expressed gratitude and acknowledgment to the industrious collaborators, emphasizing their pivotal role in the ongoing progress within Iran's petrochemical sector.

He highlighted the industry's transformation into a cornerstone of the nation's economy, praising the relentless dedication of those contributing to the nation’s economic resilience.

"The amalgamation of dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts among colleagues in the petrochemical industry has elevated Iran's economic fortitude, countering undue dependency on crude oil sales," Shahmirzai remarked.

The message underscored the industry's achievements, showcasing an increase in production from 61.2 million tons to 69.7 million tons in the past two years. Furthermore, sales surged from $14 billion to $27 billion in 2023, significantly contributing to the country's hard currency earnings.

Despite facing multilateral sanctions and economic challenges, the successful hosting of the 17th Iran Plast International Exhibition, featuring 770 domestic and international companies, exemplified Iran's petrochemical prowess, Shahmirzai proudly noted.

He commended the effective collaboration among stakeholders, emphasizing the strategic utilization of installed capacities and the stabilization of markets through innovative credit selling programs, ensuring stability in this pivotal sector of value creation.

Expressing the vision for a comprehensive value chain in the petrochemical industry, Shahmirzai outlined ongoing projects, including the collection of sour gases to prevent their wastage, endeavors toward environmental preservation, and the development of infrastructural elements, all aligned with the seventh national development plan.

In conclusion, Shahmirzai conveyed his felicitations to the dedicated individuals in the industry and wished for their continued success, invoking divine blessings for Iran’s prosperity and advancement.

The heartfelt message encapsulated Shahmirzai's appreciation and acknowledgment of the collective efforts driving Iran's petrochemical industry towards resilience and growth.

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