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1st Phase of Tunneling for Underwater Intake of Makran Petchem City Successfully Concludes

1st Phase of Tunneling for Underwater Intake of Makran Petchem City Successfully Concludes
(Thursday, December 28, 2023) 15:50

MAKRAN (NIPNA) -- The inaugural phase of tunneling for the underwater intake at Makran Petrochemical City has been completed, marking a significant milestone in environmental preservation while ensuring the preservation of Oman Sea shores.

According to the Public Relations Department of Negine Makran Petrochemical Development Company, the development was prompted by Chabahar's arid and water-scarce region and the imperative need for safe and sustainable water and electricity supply, crucial prerequisites for regional developmental plans and the daily needs of the populace.

The assurance of adequate water and secure electricity provision assumes paramount importance in attracting investments to petrochemical projects, downstream industries, and other industrial endeavors.

In consideration of Chabahar's unique ecological landscape, rich biodiversity, pristine natural features, and its potential as a tourist attraction, there's an explicit emphasis on observing environmental preservation principles in designing and executing any new developments and artificial structures in the region.

The selection of the underwater intake method involved extensive evaluations encompassing geological data, seabed compositions, coastal morphology, system efficiency, implementation considerations, construction costs, operation, maintenance, and the execution timeframe.

The chosen method, Microtunneling, is an advanced technique for installing horizontal subterranean pipelines employing the Pipe Jacking technique, allowing precise control over the excavation route.

This cutting-edge method, developed by countries like Germany, Japan, and England, ensures simultaneous pipe laying through robust hydraulic jacks while tunneling within a shield and ahead of the leading pipe.

Its deployment has garnered acclaim for its minimal coastal disruption and aesthetically pleasing impact, preserving the environmental and scenic beauty of the coastline. The drilling operations concluded on the third of Dey 1402 (December 24, 2023), culminating in the successful withdrawal of the underground drilling apparatus on the same day.

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