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Iranian President Emphasizes Golestan's Diverse Capacities and the Collective Effort Towards Hope

Iranian President Emphasizes Golestan's Diverse Capacities and the Collective Effort Towards Hope
(Saturday, December 23, 2023) 12:20

GORGAN (NIPNA) -- President Raisi, describing Golestan Province as a region with abundant and varied potentials, highlighted the importance of harnessing these capabilities correctly, emphasizing that the foundation of a people-oriented government lies in collaborating with the esteemed figures to achieve this goal.

Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, addressing the public in Gorgan this morning (Thursday, December 21, 2023), expressed his delight in being amongst the esteemed people of Golestan Province.

He commended their exemplary contributions across various political arenas, hailing their steadfast support for Islam, the Quran, and Imam Khomeini both before and after the Islamic Revolution.

He acknowledged the sacrifices made by the people of Golestan, their profound dedication displayed through monumental sacrifices made during the Iran-Iraq war, contributing martyrs and injured veterans in defense of the revolution, the establishment, and Islam.

"Despite enemy threats, the remarkable progress within our country is astonishing," President Raisi asserted. "The phenomenal advancements, coupled with ongoing threats, stand as a testament to Iran's strength and the significant achievements by our youth in global scientific domains."

The Ayatollah further emphasized that faithful and resilient forces against the enemies have shaped an Islamic resistance force, loyal to Islam, transforming the region into a new paradigm.

Speaking directly to the industrialists, miners, manufacturers, and economic players, President Raisi reiterated, "Your active role forms the cornerstone, enabling our nation to become self-sufficient in providing essential goods without reliance on imports. The potential exists within our country, and in many sectors, we've transitioned from importers to exporters."

"We faced attempts to hinder our access to COVID-19 vaccines. Yet, we've transformed from importers to exporters. Such success, amidst challenges, can be replicated in various sectors, leading to self-sufficiency," Raisi proclaimed.

Addressing the economic potentials of the country, President Raisi pointed out the untapped reserves that, if utilized efficiently, could generate added value and employment. He stressed that adhering to the wise leadership's guidance means creating a production chain focused on added value and employment generation for the benefit of society.

Underscoring the government's commitment to leverage all capacities, President Raisi highlighted the outstanding tourism potential in Golestan. He expressed regret at previously overlooked opportunities, stating that these God-given capabilities should benefit not just Golestan but the entire nation.

President Raisi also underscored the necessity of safeguarding the Gorgan Gulf from becoming a threat to the region, asserting that its preservation serves as an opportunity. He extended gratitude for this divine blessing and emphasized its proper utilization.

President Raisi focused on resolving Golestan's water issues, outlining plans for significant strides in water supply within two years, particularly highlighting the Narmab Dam's accelerated construction to rapidly operationalize the project.

He highlighted the priority of resolving water-related tensions in Golestan, stating that ensuring water supply remains a crucial priority for the nation.

Furthermore, President Raisi emphasized the importance of fiber optic connectivity, noting the advancements made in Golestan, transforming it into the country's first smart province with widespread fiber optic communications infrastructure.

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