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Iran GTPP Petchem Project Marks 85% Domestic Equipment Procurement

Iran GTPP Petchem Project Marks 85% Domestic Equipment Procurement
(Saturday, December 9, 2023) 11:06

ISLAMABAD-E GHARB (NIPNA) - Morteza Shahmirzai, Deputy Petroleum Minister and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), hailed the GTPP Petrochemical Project in Islamabad-e Gharb as a testament to Iranian technical prowess, highlighting the project's reliance on 85% domestically sourced goods and equipment.

During his visit to the GTPP Petrochemical Project on Wednesday, Shahmirzai emphasized the steadfast commitment of the National Petrochemical Company to ensure the project's execution in collaboration with the technical expertise of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company alongside local manufacturers and suppliers.

Expressing satisfaction with the collaborative efforts and provincial support for the project's implementation, Shahmirzai remarked, "We hope that provincial authorities will expedite the allocation of necessary facilities to accelerate the construction process and overcome existing obstacles."

The NPC CEO underscored the project's reliance on Iranian design and knowledge throughout its construction and operational phases. "The GTPP Petrochemical Project's chain, spanning natural gas to methanol, methanol to propylene, and propylene to polypropylene, is entirely executed with Iranian technical expertise, proudly symbolizing Iranian technical knowledge within the country's petrochemical industry," he asserted.

Addressing the readiness of the Ministry of Petroleum and the National Petrochemical Industries Company to offer essential support and collaboration for the project's advancement, Shahmirzai stressed the importance of industry stakeholders pursuing their activities in this critical petrochemical endeavor with dedication and seriousness.

"Within the Islamabad-e Gharb project, some of the country's first reformer towers will be constructed and installed, marking a significant milestone," Shahmirzai highlighted. He further emphasized the paramount importance of ensuring sustainable water supply during the project's operational phase, urging provincial authorities to provide the necessary support for the Islamabad-e Gharb project.

The Deputy Petroleum Minister's remarks underscored the pivotal role of domestic expertise and collaborative efforts in driving Iran's petrochemical industry toward self-reliance and technical excellence.

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