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Iran Petchem Development Receives Financial Boost from NDFI

Iran Petchem Development Receives Financial Boost from NDFI
(Saturday, December 9, 2023) 11:05

AHVAZ (NIPNA) - Morteza Shahmirzai, Deputy Petroleum Minister and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC), underscored the absence of red lines in the development trajectory of Iran's petrochemical industry.

He announced that a portion of the financial resources required for the Dehloran Petrochemical Project would be facilitated through the National Development Fund of Iran (NDFI).

During his visit to the Dehloran Petrochemical Project on Wednesday, Shahmirzai emphasized the significant role the project plays in generating employment in the province and neighboring regions, branding it as a symbol of the area's development and progress.

"We are resolute in prioritizing the provision of capital for the Dehloran Petrochemical Project. Pursuant to the endeavors made by the National Petrochemical Industries Company, part of the necessary financial resources for this project will be facilitated through the National Development Fund," Shahmirzai stated.

Highlighting the need for expedited completion of the Dehloran Petrochemical Project, Shahmirzai urged contractors involved in its implementation to maximize their capacities to accelerate the project's construction.

"Our steadfast policy involves maximum utilization of domestic builders' capabilities and strategizing for self-sufficiency in the petrochemical industry. The Dehloran Petrochemical Project is one where all equipment and required goods are provided by domestic companies," Shahmirzai added.

Detailing the project's two-phase plan with a total investment of 1.2 billion euros, Shahmirzai explained that the initial phase would see the construction of the Alpha unit, followed by subsequent lower-tier projects. The raw materials for the Dehloran Petrochemical chain will be sourced from NG 3100 and water from the Shahid Mahram (Doburj) Reservoir.

Shahmirzai's statements underscored the government's commitment to the robust expansion of Iran's petrochemical sector, with a focus on leveraging domestic resources for sustained growth and development.

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