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Iranian Petchem Deputy Minister Stresses Reliance on Domestic Expertise

Iranian Petchem Deputy Minister Stresses Reliance on Domestic Expertise
(Wednesday, December 6, 2023) 10:58

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- In a strategic move aimed at empowering domestic expertise, the National Petrochemical Company (NPC)'s CEO emphasized Iran's petrochemical industry's reliance on local capabilities and knowledge for its advancement.

During a visit to a catalyst production unit under the aegis of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company, Morteza Shahmirzai, the NPC CEO, underscored the industry's reliance on Iran's high-level expertise and indigenous resources for its development.

Shahmirzai, addressing the challenges in producing value-added products, highlighted the National Petrochemical Company's commitment to collaborating with domestic entities in achieving technological self-sufficiency and concentrating on the localization of industrial catalysts.

"The petrochemical industry in the thirteenth government, guided by the Supreme Leader's directives to avoid raw product exports, is steering towards higher value addition through final product manufacturing," Shahmirzai stated, reaffirming Iran's strategic approach.

Expressing satisfaction with the production of five types of catalysts for various polymer units, Shahmirzai attributed Iran's success in these technologies, essential for completing the petrochemical value chain, to the sanctions that urged local innovation and development.

"We proudly witness some domestic catalyst producers reaching a level where Iran's petrochemical industry relies on high-grade Iranian expertise instead of imports from foreign companies, ensuring quality and indigenous knowledge," Shahmirzai proudly declared.

The visit, captured in a visual report, showcased the operational tour by the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and the CEO of the National Petrochemical Company at a production unit in Khorramabad, Lorestan Province.

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