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Iranian Oil Official Emphasizes Petchem Industry Self-sufficiency

Iranian Oil Official Emphasizes Petchem Industry Self-sufficiency
(Saturday, December 2, 2023) 15:04

TEHRAN (Reuters) - In a recent address, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) underscored the self-reliance achieved in Iran's petrochemical sector, stressing the importance of experts narrating the advancements and shedding light on the industry's progress.

During the closing ceremony of the second phase of the "Advancements and Excellence in the Oil Industry" program held in Isfahan, Morteza Shahmirzai, a key figure in the Iranian oil industry, credited the nation's dedication to the petrochemical field.

He hailed the industry's advancements as a testament to the integrity and commitment of Iranian youth and the rich culture and heritage of the country.

Highlighting the challenges faced during the imposed war era and the subsequent comprehensive sanctions, Shahmirzai praised the resilience displayed by Iranian youth and experts, contributing to the nation's growth across diverse sectors, including the monumental progress in the oil industry, aerospace, nuclear energy, nanotechnology, and more. He acknowledged that such accomplishments were made possible through faith, legitimate earnings, and seeking guidance from the Prophet's family (peace be upon them).

Regarding the current socio-political climate, the CEO of the National Petrochemical Company addressed the cultural impact of the West, particularly its involvement in the Gaza crisis, urging Iranians to resist such influences and defend their indigenous values. He urged society members, including specialists, managers, educators, and parents, to elucidate national progress across various sectors, emphasizing the need for rational discourse and logical explanations to guide the youth.

Reflecting on the petrochemical industry's growth, Shahmirzai recounted its transformation from an initial production capacity of 1.5 million tons annually during the early days of the revolution to an impressive output exceeding 92 million tons annually today. He proudly stated that approximately 70% of the industry's products are exported, attributing the success to the capabilities and self-reliance of domestic experts across all facets of the industry.

Concluding his remarks, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum encouraged experts to explore and recognize advancements in various sectors, including universities, educational centers, research institutes, and beyond, utilizing these narratives to enlighten and educate others.

The second phase of the "Advancements and Excellence in the Oil Industry" program, held in honor of the martyrs of the oil industry in Isfahan, was hosted by Isfahan Petrochemical Holding.

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