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Jam Petchem Plant Leads Sales Budget Achievement among Rival Firms

Jam Petchem Plant Leads Sales Budget Achievement among Rival Firms
(Tuesday, November 21, 2023) 15:30

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- In a comparative analysis of financial statements for the past six months, prominent petrochemical companies operating in the capital market indicate that Jam Petrochemical Plant has exceeded its sales budget for the fiscal year 1402 (2023-2024) among 11 well-known petrochemical firms.

According to reports from Jam Petrochemical Plant’s public relations department, their annual financial statement reveals that the company had set a sales target of 10,340 billion Tomans for the fiscal year 1402, with approximately 53.4% of that goal achieved within the initial six months of the year.

During this period, Jam Petrochemical Plant successfully sold its products amounting to 5,523 billion Tomans.

Remarkably evident in the six-month financial reports of Jam Petrochemicals is the substantial increase in its production. The company managed to produce over 252,000 tons of its products in the first half of this year, marking a significant 99% growth compared to the same period last year.

This impressive performance underscores Jam Petrochemical Plant’s robust sales and production achievements, positioning it as a frontrunner in the petrochemical industry's fiscal pursuits for the ongoing fiscal year.

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