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AriaSasol Receives Foundational Innovation Certificate

AriaSasol Receives Foundational Innovation Certificate
(Saturday, November 18, 2023) 15:18

QOM (NIPNA) - AriaSasol Polymer Company has been recognized as an innovative knowledge-based company by the Scientific and Technological Vice Presidency of the President's Office, marking its distinction as a pioneer in producing LEC 1969 grade, the first specialized lightweight polyethylene grade for Extrusion Coating usage in Iran's new-generation tubular reactor.

According to the company's public relations, AriaSasol Polymer Company's achievement places it as the third company globally, following prominent entities like Sabic and Dow Chemical, in the production field of new-generation Extrusion Coating grades (the second most consumed LDPE segment worldwide). This milestone has earned the company the prestigious innovative knowledge-based certificate.

This knowledge-based company holds the potential to offer research services at a national level and leverage the capacities of other knowledge-based enterprises, a collaborative effort that promises substantial benefits. Undoubtedly, its focus on the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors stands as a significant front that can substantially bolster the country's economy. AriaSasol's strategic direction towards this realm promises to enrich the nation's wealth and foster economic growth.

Moreover, the company intends to utilize its knowledge-based foundations to produce top-quality, competitively priced products with ancillary services for both domestic and international markets. These initiatives align with the nation's economic objectives and, in line with the directives set forth by the Supreme Leader to curb raw material exports, represent steps toward innovative product creation at AriaSasol.

The endeavors undertaken by AriaSasol to produce new-grade products and its venture into the realm of knowledge-based activities are in harmony with the outlined policies, aiming to curb raw material exports and foster an economically progressive direction, as per the directives of the Revolution's leader.

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