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CEO Stresses Process Safety for Business Sustainability

CEO Stresses Process Safety for Business Sustainability
(Sunday, October 15, 2023) 23:20

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Aryasasol Polymer Company highlighted on Sunday that establishing a process safety management system is a fundamental requirement for business sustainability.

Speaking at the inaugural Process Safety Conference in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, Mohammadreza Heydarzadeh stated that sustaining business, particularly continuous production, requires a special focus on concepts such as process safety management. This approach not only reduces incidents but also ensures safe production and ultimately enhances the profitability of companies.

Heydarzadeh acknowledged that the energy sector, especially the petrochemical industry, falls among high-tech industries due to its intricate processes and hazardous materials. Therefore, concepts like process safety management are essential for such companies.

He added that Aryasasol Polymer Company, with its significant competitive advantages in the industry, has commercialized its innovative and technological products through its innovation and knowledge-based center established last year. To facilitate dialogue and knowledge exchange among all industries, the company decided to host a conference centered on process safety management.

Heydarzadeh continued, emphasizing that ensuring business sustainability, particularly maintaining consistent production, is heavily reliant on concepts like process safety management. This leads to incident reduction, safe production, and, ultimately, the profitability of businesses.

He stated that without a doubt, the role of the process safety approach in establishing incident-free production should be the top priority for every production-oriented organization. Implementing and establishing this approach as an organizational mindset will enhance productivity.

Heydarzadeh pointed out that Aryasasol Polymer Company has implemented this management system since 2010, and remarkable efforts by all members of the organization have contributed to its successful implementation. He added that the company is pursuing this path with dedication, and as a result of implementing this management system in recent years, the organization has achieved growth in production and sustainable profitability.

The CEO of Aryasasol Polymer Company further emphasized that the commitment of senior management to the establishment and implementation of the process safety management system, precise identification and management of organizational risks, especially operational risks in line with business continuity, learning from past experiences, and benchmarking global best practices are among Aryasasol's most important steps in implementing process safety management.

He expressed hope that by implementing and establishing management systems such as process safety management, the country will witness sustainable production and development.

Heydarzadeh also mentioned that Aryasasol Polymer Company, with the support of the National Petrochemical Company, has organized this conference to promote a process safety culture and, through collaboration with other industries and partner companies, contribute to the development of our beloved country, even if it is a small step in this direction.

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