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IranPlast Exhibition Highlights Potential for Producing Many New Petchem Grades

IranPlast Exhibition Highlights Potential for Producing Many New Petchem Grades
(Tuesday, September 19, 2023) 11:24

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran has created the possibility to produce many new grades of petrochemical products due to its high energy advantage and efforts made in completing the value chain.

Alireza Sahafi-Amin, the Technical Director of the Omid Industrial Group, spoke at a workshop on the development of new grades of petrochemical products held today, Tuesday, September 27, during the second day of the 17th IranPlast International Exhibition. Sahafi-Amin emphasized that moving towards developing complementary industries not only enhances income but also generates employment opportunities for the country.

He highlighted the importance of producing high-quality grades in completing the value chain, stating, "This will reduce costs in the product lifecycle."

Sahafi-Amin acknowledged the various sanctions imposed against Iran's oil industry, hindering access to export markets, but stressed, "By completing the value chain and expanding complementary industries, we are effectively bypassing these sanctions, as these industries are immune to sanctions and cannot be embargoed."

Emphasizing the significance of developing petrochemical grades in line with the value chain, Sahafi-Amin added, "Iran's key export markets are saturating. Therefore, we can take advantage of completing the value chain by shifting from producing raw and semi-raw materials towards grades suitable for export."

He also noted the necessity of devising pricing strategies for new products and providing incentives for petrochemical complexes that focus on increasing exports, given the saturation of the petrochemical products market.

According to the Technical Director of the Omid Industrial Group, considering the market saturation of petrochemical products, it is essential for value chain developers to categorize export markets effectively.

The 17th IranPlast International Exhibition, which began on September 17 and runs for four days at Tehran's permanent international exhibition grounds, is focused on enhancing the value chain, supporting domestic production, and promoting local manufacturing. The exhibition provides an essential platform for capitalizing on international partnerships and expanding Iran's presence in the global petrochemical market.

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