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Iranian Plastic Injection Machinery Exports to Iraq Surge Amid IranPlast Exhibition

Iranian Plastic Injection Machinery Exports to Iraq Surge Amid IranPlast Exhibition
(Tuesday, September 19, 2023) 11:22

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iranian manufacturers of plastic injection machinery have experienced a notable surge in exports to Iraq, thanks to their participation in the prestigious IranPlast Exhibition, highlighting the growing international interest in Iran's polymer and petrochemical sectors.

Mr. Mostafa Kalateh, the CEO of Mostafa Kalateh Machinery Manufacturing Company, spoke with enthusiasm about the positive impact of their participation in IranPlast, noting that it not only expanded their domestic sales but also paved the way for exporting their products to the Iraqi market.

Kalateh explained, "We manufacture plastic injection machinery, tailoring our products to meet our customers' specific requirements. In addition to production, we provide comprehensive after-sales services."

This marks the second time Kalateh's company has attended the IranPlast Exhibition, and he expressed the benefits of being part of this event, stating, "We had a favorable experience during our previous participation in IranPlast, which motivated us to once again showcase our products at this event."

He underlined that the exhibition has unequivocally contributed to the expansion of their domestic market and the acquisition of new customers. Furthermore, it enabled them to establish connections with Iraqi clients and successfully export their products to the neighboring country.

Suggesting potential areas for improvement, Kalateh proposed increasing the duration of the exhibition and intensifying promotional efforts, believing that enhanced advertising would lead to increased attendance and more fruitful interactions. He concluded by emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the exhibition and its vital role in fostering growth within the industry.

Mr. Kalateh also expressed optimism for the future of the polymer machinery manufacturing industry, predicting continued development and an increase in product diversity as the sector progresses. He extended his appreciation to the organizers of IranPlast for their support.

The 17th IranPlast International Exhibition, focused on enhancing the value chain, supporting domestic production, and promoting local manufacturing, is scheduled to be held from September 17 to September 20 at Tehran's permanent international exhibition grounds.

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