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IranPlast Exhibition Highlights Inevitable Shift Towards Chemical Parks

IranPlast Exhibition Highlights Inevitable Shift Towards Chemical Parks
(Tuesday, September 19, 2023) 11:19

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The 17th IranPlast International Exhibition emphasized the imperative move towards establishing chemical parks due to the creation of added value, high job creation, and the future challenges that will arise in the petrochemical feedstock sector.

Ali Manizadeh, representing the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC), delivered these remarks during a workshop titled "Chemical Parks: An Effective Step for Completing the Value Chain and Preventing Raw Material Sales." The workshop took place on the second day of the 17th IranPlast International Exhibition in Hall 35.

Manizadeh stated, "The development of the petrochemical industry must be based on four principles: feedstock, technology, capital, and the market. To succeed in this industry, we must move towards producing more complex products."

He highlighted the major challenges faced by Iran's petrochemical industry, including natural gas shortages, the future uncertain supply of feedstock to industries, feedstock shortages (gas and liquids), and a lack of liquidity. To address these challenges, it is necessary to move towards producing more complex and higher-value products, which in turn necessitates transitioning away from raw material sales and embracing advanced technologies in this sector.

Manizadeh referred to a study conducted by the PGPIC regarding the necessity of establishing chemical parks and added, "In this regard, BASF, one of the world's largest producers of petrochemical products, has been successful in setting up chemical parks."

He continued by stating, "BASF's revenue in 2021 exceeded 88 billion euros, and the company has four main hubs in Africa and the Middle East, Europe, North America, and East Asia."

Manizadeh added, "In recent years, BASF has optimized energy consumption, minimized waste, and promoted material exchange through the establishment of chemical parks. The company's research and development subsidiaries have entered six specific areas: chemical materials, advanced materials, industrial solutions, coatings and resins, food, pharmaceuticals, health, and agriculture."

Highlighting that BASF is operating in the same field as Iran in terms of chemical materials, Manizadeh mentioned that Iran has not yet made specific strides in other areas such as advanced materials, which are predominantly compound-related, or industrial solutions that generate revenue for companies.

Manizadeh concluded by stressing that there is no alternative to moving towards chemical parks. The Persian Gulf Holding is planning to establish nine chemical parks in Iran, facilitating excellent communication between the feedstock and the final product sectors, and contributing to the creation of value chains.

The 17th IranPlast International Exhibition, which began on Sunday, September 17, with a focus on completing the value chain, supporting domestic production, and promoting local manufacturing, is set to run for four days in Tehran's permanent international exhibition grounds.

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