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Supreme Leader Commends 13th Government Achievements

Supreme Leader Commends 13th Government Achievements
(Thursday, August 31, 2023) 00:43

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution praised the accomplishments of the 13th Government, highlighting the commendable efforts in various sectors, including the expansion of petrochemical production and significant developments in the oil and gas industry.

Addressing the President and members of the Cabinet during a meeting held on Thursday, marking the anniversary of the martyrdom of Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar and President Mohammad Ali Rajai, as well as in observance of Government Week, the Supreme Leader lauded the government's strong performance, particularly in critical areas such as "infrastructure projects," "macroeconomic growth," and "foreign policy."

In a report emanating from the Office of the Supreme Leader, he expressed, "While the government's foundational achievements deserve admiration, unfortunately, livelihood issues act as a veil obscuring these fundamental accomplishments. It is imperative that double-digit inflation be reduced as much as possible, and values such as justice, social equality, market stability, inflation reduction, exchange rate stability, and production growth be prioritized in all government decisions and actions, including the Seventh Development Plan."

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the strong performance of the 13th Government in the economic sector, noting significant growth indicators, including economic expansion, especially in the industrial sector. He also praised the surge in capital investment, decrease in liquidity growth, reduction in unemployment, decline in the Gini coefficient, and increased exports.

Furthermore, he stated, "Strengthening the tax system, expanding petrochemical production, and valuable undertakings in the oil and gas sectors, along with the revival of several thousand idle or semi-idle workshops, are praiseworthy initiatives by the government. However, the impact of these efforts on the macroeconomic indicators and foundational actions in people's lives will require time to fully manifest."

On the topic of inadequate communication of the government's positive activities, the Supreme Leader identified two key issues: "Firstly, the government's artful communication is lacking, and secondly, the significant livelihood challenges, such as the severe inflation of some food items and the pervasive housing cost escalation, hinder the recognition of the government's fundamental endeavors."

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized the importance of humility in governance, stating, "We do not have the right to speak to the people from a position of superiority and arrogance, for we are nobody; whatever exists belongs to the people. If we have been given a responsibility, it is because the people have entrusted us with it."

The Supreme Leader commended the government's simplicity in leadership and revolutionary positions, as well as the deployment of young individuals in various managerial positions.

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