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Iran Prepares for Premier Energy Efficiency Conference

Iran Prepares for Premier Energy Efficiency Conference
(Tuesday, July 11, 2023) 23:36

TEHRAN - In a bid to explore the multifaceted dimensions of energy efficiency within the country, Iran is gearing up to host the prestigious International Conference and Exhibition on Energy Optimization and Efficiency this August.

Organized by the Fuel Consumption Optimization Company in collaboration with relevant professional and scientific associations, the event aims to foster convergence among various stakeholders and decision-makers.

Scheduled for August 14 and 15, the conference seeks to serve as a platform for policymakers, industry leaders, knowledge-based companies, academics, and scientific researchers to engage in dialogue, share insights, and propose development strategies for enhancing energy efficiency across Iran.

The conference is poised to become the largest gathering of industry experts and influencers in the energy optimization and efficiency sector, offering a unique opportunity for fruitful discussions and the presentation of innovative solutions.

With a primary focus on electricity, gas, and petroleum products, the conference will cover diverse aspects of energy efficiency, aligning with Iran's commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Attendees will have the chance to explore cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and case studies during the exhibition, which will run alongside the conference.

The exhibition will showcase the latest advancements in energy optimization and efficiency, featuring displays from leading companies, research institutions, and academic organizations.

For those interested in participating in the conference and exhibition or seeking further information, registration and details can be found on the official website at This highly anticipated event promises to provide valuable insights and foster collaboration in Iran's journey towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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