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17th Iran Plast Int'l Exhibition Paves the Way for Economic Growth, Innovation

17th Iran Plast Int'l Exhibition Paves the Way for Economic Growth, Innovation
(Friday, June 16, 2023) 22:35

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The 17th edition of Iran Plast International Exhibition aims to bolster domestic production and empower knowledge-based enterprises to foster employment opportunities and cultivate a sustainable market economy.

Scheduled to take place from September 17th to 20th at Tehran International Exhibitions, the exhibition's director, Farid Dousti, revealed the event's overarching objectives during a meeting with industry representatives and key stakeholders, where he emphasized the pivotal role of the petrochemical industry in shaping the nation's economic landscape.

Dousti underscored the resilience of the petrochemical sector, which has emerged as a vital force in the country's economy despite facing formidable challenges posed by complex sanctions.

He lauded the industry's ability to weather the storm and highlighted the significant contributions of downstream industries in driving national production and domestic manufacturing.

With a keen eye on international standards, Dousti called for the execution of meticulous planning and organization in the 17th edition of Iran Plast.

He expressed his optimism, stating, "We anticipate that this year's Iran Plast will surpass its predecessors in terms of content, approach, and supplementary events, thanks to the synergistic collaboration between the National Petrochemical Company and all stakeholders involved."

In an unprecedented move, all exhibition spaces managed by the Tehran International Exhibition Company have been exclusively dedicated to Iran Plast from September 17th to 20th. Dousti acknowledged the diverse concerns and interests of Iran Plast participants and assured them that their needs would be met to the fullest extent possible during the 17th edition of the exhibition.

Furthermore, Dousti conveyed his aspirations for Iran Plast to serve as an all-encompassing testament to the economic impact and success of such a premier exhibition event. He emphasized the National Petrochemical Company's commitment to fostering collaboration and support for knowledge-based companies, startups, and emerging industries, aligning with their objective of stimulating domestic production and creating employment opportunities.

Industry representatives from complementary sectors echoed Dousti's sentiments, recognizing the instrumental role played by the National Petrochemical Industries Company in organizing Iran Plast. They emphasized the importance of sustained collaboration and regarded the exhibition as a pivotal platform for showcasing the remarkable achievements and capabilities of polymer industries and related sectors.

Iran Plast participants unanimously commended the exhibition's substantial contributions to augmenting the value-added of polymer industries and tapping into crucial export markets. They stressed the need for enhanced coordination and convergence of perspectives among associations and unions to maximize the industry's potential.

The Iran Plast Symposium, a gathering of influential figures and industry leaders, was organized under the auspices of the National Polymer Industries Association, the Employers' Union of Polymer Machinery Manufacturers, the Masterbatch and Compound Producers Association, the Tehran Homogeneous Plastics Association, the Machinery Manufacturers Association, the Employers' Union of Petrochemical Industries, and the National Cooperative Unions for Meeting the Needs of Downstream Petrochemical Industries. The symposium was skillfully executed by the Managing Director of Rahkar-e-Tajhiz Tijarat Company, ensuring the smooth operation of the 17th Iran Plast International Exhibition.

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