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Chinese investors ready to enter Mahshahr, official says

Chinese investors ready to enter Mahshahr, official says
(Thursday, May 18, 2023) 21:44

TEHRAN (NIPNA) - The CEO of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization said on Thursday that China had a strong demand for investing in Iran since last year and now “we hope that with the review of these proposals, Chinese investors will have an active presence in the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone.”

Payam Barzegar told Nipna on the sidelines of the 27th Oil Industry Exhibition that by signing a contract with a Chinese investor, the ground for introducing investment security in the special economic zone has been provided, and said: "We are trying to convey the message of investment security to other countries, especially neighboring ones."

He said that the goal of the Chinese company for investing was mainly exports, and said: "In foreign investment, both technology transfer and investment security in the special economic zone are discussed; this can pave the way for attracting more foreign investment and job creation."

Barzegar said that the Special Economic Zone Organization is pursuing the development of phase 2 of Mahshahr Special Economic Zone on behalf of the National Petrochemical Company, and said: "We have obtained most of the necessary permits from the provincial planning commission and the provincial management and planning organization; now the file has been transferred to the provincial infrastructure services committee and after resolving some problems that existed before, we signed some memoranda of understanding and are ready to issue the necessary permits."

Barzegar stressed that there is no problem for land ownership in Mahshahr, and said: "It is necessary that provincial policies in the field of petrochemical industry be more specific and decision-making at the provincial and oil ministry level be faster."

He said that developing a special economic zone is a big job, and said: "The necessary work should be done as soon as possible so that its benefits reach the region and the people. We are now in the stage of land acquisition and waiting for the decision of the infrastructure services committee and the deputy for civil affairs and ultimately the honorable governor of Khuzestan province who have had a very favorable opinion on the petrochemical industry so far, so that we can receive the land and go through other stages."

The CEO of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone Organization also referred to the correspondence made to speed up decision-making and licensing, and said: "On the other hand, we hired a consultant to do more studies and do more accurate work with much more awareness and based on existing experiences with international standards."

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