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Petchem Industry Has Lowest Carbon Emissions in Iran Oil Sector

Petchem Industry Has Lowest Carbon Emissions in Iran Oil Sector
(Wednesday, May 3, 2023) 11:12

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The head of passive defense and crisis management of the National Petrochemical Company, Nasser Jamshidi, has said that the petrochemical industry has the lowest amount of carbon emissions compared to other sectors of the oil industry.

Speaking at the Clean Environment Panel of Petrochemical Units at the IPF International Conference on Tuesday, Jamshidi highlighted that the oil industry accounts for 17% of the total carbon emissions in the country, of which only 4% belongs to the petrochemical industry.

Jamshidi also noted that the petrochemical industry is taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve waste management, citing a 29% reduction in waste production, a 24% increase in waste recycling capacity, and a 27% reduction in temporary waste as some of the achievements in the field of environmental protection.

He emphasized the importance of creating green space in the petrochemical industry as a legal requirement and that petrochemical companies and holdings will continue to participate in this initiative.

Additionally, Jamshidi revealed that his administration has planned several programs to ensure environmental safety, industrial health, crisis management, passive defense, safety and firefighting, and environmental protection for the year 1402.

The National Petrochemical Company's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental protection aligns with the global push for sustainability and eco-friendliness in the oil and gas industry.

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