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CEO: Follow NPC Directions

CEO: Follow NPC Directions
(Tuesday, May 2, 2023) 15:24

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Deputy Minister of Petroleum and CEO of National Petrochemical Company (NPC), Morteza Shahmirzaei, has said that activists in the petrochemical industry should work in line with the directions of the National Petrochemical Company.

Speaking at the 14th Iran Petrochemical Forum, Shahmirzaei stated that the National Petrochemical Company is the leader and policy maker of the development of the petrochemical industry, and it puts the correct directions of development before the industry's activists to complete the value chain.

He also revealed that the Minister of Petroleum has mandated that all catalysts in the petrochemical industry be localized by the end of the 13th administration.

Shahmirzaei confirmed that with the power of Iranian scientists, they have been recognized as a major exporter of catalysts, producing much higher quality products than those produced under foreign licenses.

Shahmirzaei stressed that the petrochemical industry is 100% operated by the private sector and that industry activists are obliged to work in line with the directions of the National Petrochemical Company as a specialized parent company.

The document on the development and completion of the value chain of the petrochemical industry was also unveiled, and Shahmirzaei stated that all developers and holdings will move in line with this document.

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