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Russia and Iran deepen Petchem cooperation

Russia and Iran deepen Petchem cooperation
(Tuesday, May 2, 2023) 15:13

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- Iran and Russia look to deepen their cooperation in the petrochemical industry, with Russia expressing a strong need for Iranian goods, equipment, and catalysts.

Artur Simirnov, head of the chemical engineering department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, spoke at the 14th Iran Petrochemical Forum, stating that the volume of exchanges between the two countries in the petrochemical industry has a positive dynamic.

He also expressed that the cooperation between Iran and Russia has deepened since the doubling of trade volume between the two countries in 2022.

Alexey Edicho, advisor to the head of the Union of Chemists of the Russian Federation, also expressed the importance of developing financial infrastructure, logistics, and transportation between the two countries to facilitate growth in trade exchanges.

Edicho highlighted that direct payment based on a fair and uniform rate is necessary to avoid risks and increase rates associated with third-party transactions.

Additionally, he emphasized that the difference in the size of railway lines and the lack of marine systems and cargo and container vehicles are among the challenges of transferring petrochemical products between Iran and Russia.

The joint cooperation between the Iranian and Russian petrochemical industries has been successful under the chairmanship of Morteza Shahmirzaei, CEO of the National Petrochemical Company and the Russian Petrochemical Association.

With Iran being an important and strategic partner for Russia, both countries are looking to expand their cooperation further. This is a positive development for the petrochemical industry and the economies of Iran and Russia.

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