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VP Proposes Localization of 250 Petchem Technologies in Iran

VP Proposes Localization of 250 Petchem Technologies in Iran
(Tuesday, May 2, 2023) 14:27

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The Vice President for Science, Technology, and Knowledge-Based Economy, Ruhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi, proposed that within the next ten years, Iran will localize 250 petrochemical technologies and become a major exporter of downstream products.

Addressing the 14th Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF), he stated that if Iran wants to increase added value, it should focus on the development of knowledge-based branches in the petrochemical industry.

Dehghani Firouzabadi mentioned that Iran already has 8,000 companies with knowledge bases in all fields, making it easy for them to localize the top 250 petrochemical technologies in the country.

Dehghani Firouzabadi stated that Iran is taking significant steps to realize a knowledge-based economy and will invest 2 trillion tomans in the near future for the development of petrochemical technologies.

He also mentioned that the establishment of the Petrochemical Science and Technology Economy Headquarters in his vice presidency will help in this regard.

The VP emphasized that Iran must focus on technology in petrochemicals for sustainable development, as oil and gas resources are the biggest economic opportunity for the country.

The scientific vice president of the presidential knowledge-based economy and technology said that the development of downstream petrochemical industries is vital for sustainable economic growth.

He announced that a special program for the development of this industry is underway, as everything in the economy boils down to the development of the value chain of this industry.

Dehghani Firouzabadi also mentioned that investing in ten big projects in the petrochemical industry will bring significant effects and blessings to the people.

He emphasized that the managers of the petrochemical industry are the most knowledge-based managers in the country, and they should focus on converting production into added value.

The VP believes that the crude sales will be to the detriment of the country if they do not have a plan to add value in the upstream sector of the industry.

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