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98% of Petchem Catalysts Supplied Domestically: PRTC

98% of Petchem Catalysts Supplied Domestically: PRTC
(Monday, February 6, 2023) 14:22

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) announced that 98% of the catalysts of the oil industry are produced by reliable domestic companies, adding: “Iranian catalysts are currently being exported to countries in the region and are being successfully used in complexes.”

Majid Daftari today (Sunday, 16th of February) at the first specialized exhibition and conference of the oil industry catalyst, which was held at the same time as 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, stated that the catalyst industry of the country is a precious group that was able to render Iran needless of importing catalysts.”

Pointing out that 99 catalysts, activators and absorbents are used in the oil industry, he added: “85 of these are being produced by domestic companies, and the remaining 15 either have a very small amount of consumption inside, or are not economical to produce.”

The PRTC CEO stated that 98% by weight of the catalysts of the oil industry are produced domestically, and continued: “It has been about two years that favorable steps have been taken to export Iranian catalysts to the countries of the region, and the companies of the region are now using Iranian catalysts.”

Daftari emphasized: “Since the beginning of the 13th administration, localization of all catalysts of the oil industry was assigned to PRTC; this company extends a helping hand to all scientific and research centers so that the remaining catalysts can be localized with their cooperation.”

He stated that the amount of catalyst consumed in the oil industry is about 37,000 tons per year, and stated: “PRTC provides all its facilities to knowledge-based companies and researchers to help accelerate the achievements.”

The PRTC CEO stated that this company is in charge of creating knowledge in the field of processes, catalysts and chemicals, and added: “This company had focused on 6 high-use processes of the petrochemical industry in the past and obtained their savvy, which is currently being used in petrochemical complexes.”

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