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PGPIC Supportive of Creative Ideas: CEO

PGPIC Supportive of Creative Ideas: CEO
(Sunday, January 8, 2023) 17:27

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (PGPIC) announced the priority of this company to increase the production of products, and said: “In this field, we welcome creative ideas.”

Abdul Ali Ali Askari addressed a meeting of PGPIC top executives, underlining the favorable conditions of this industrial, manufacturing and stock exchange company.

Increasing the production capacity, protecting the group's shares in the stock market, creating hope with profitability and wealth, more and special support for downstream industries are some the most important policies and strategic goals of the holding company.

Referring to the record of over 100% production in Pars, Nouri, Arvand, Bu Alisina, Tondgouyan, Ilam, Khuzestan, Bidboland etc. petrochemical compounds, he emphasized: “Our priority is to increase the product capacity from 22 to 30 million tons per year and in this context, we welcome creative ideas.”

The PGPIC CEO further noted that the holding company has currently building 29 projects across the country, said: “Three projects will be put into operation by the end of this calendar year (to March 20, 2023), and 10 projects will come on stream next year.”

Referring to the strategic policy of PGPIC in supporting downstream industries by creating specialized parks in 13 parts of the country, Ali Askari added: “These parks will boost investment in different areas. With the designed scheme, other areas of the private sector will enter the parks.”

He continued: “Creation of the project fund is one of the initiatives of PGPIC to start new projects and exploit existing projects.”

The official further underlined conducting studies for construction of 90 projects in the downstream sector, and said:” With the conducted studies, 60 projects in the sectors of cosmetics, hygiene, paints and adhesives, household and construction industries, automobiles, fertilizers and poisons, etc. have been finalized.”

Ali Askari stated: “The PGPIC efforts should be focused on maintaining the 23rd rank among the top 100 petrochemical companies in the world and improving it to be among the top 10 companies.”

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