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Iran Selling Catalysts to Russia

Iran Selling Catalysts to Russia
(Saturday, December 10, 2022) 17:08

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) announced that one ton of Iranian catalyst is being successfully used in Russian petrochemical complexes, and Russian companies have registered new orders for catalysts.

Referring to the negotiations that have been held since April this year with Russian delegations for the export of Iranian catalyst to Russia, Morteza Shahmirzaei said on Thursday: “Iranian catalysts are being successfully used in Russian petrochemical complexes; the Russians also did not believe that the quality of the catalysts was so high, because the Chinese catalysts did not work in the reactors of their petrochemical complexes; now they believe that the quality of the Iranian catalysts was high and competed with the best in the world.”

He listed the localization of catalysts as one of the strategies of the Ministry of Petroleum in the 13th government, and added: “We are planning to localize all the catalysts of this industry and based on the comprehensive catalyst document that we have prepared, I can say that we do not have a long way to go.”

Referring to the support of the national oil, gas, refining and distribution companies and the special support of the deputy minister and the oil minister for the petrochemical industry, the deputy minister of oil for petrochemical affairs continued: “If we are going to have a dynamic economy in the country, we must follow the path of the petrochemical industry.”

Shahmirzaei stated that 70 petrochemical complexes with an annual production capacity of 90 million tons are operating in Iran and the sales of the products reach about $25 billion. 

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