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Karoun Petchem Plant Launches 400-ton Cold Storage Facility

Karoun Petchem Plant Launches 400-ton Cold Storage Facility
(Wednesday, December 1, 2021) 18:00

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The 400-ton cold storage facility of Karoun Petrochemical Plant was commissioned by local experts at a cost of Rls. 35 billion as the first cold storage facility of -35 degrees Celsius in the country.

According to Karoun Petrochemical Plant, during a ceremony of the company, the storage tank was put into operation at a cost of Rls. 35 billion with an area of 800 square meters and a production of -35 degrees Celsius.

Alireza Sedighizadeh, CEO of Karoun Petrochemical Plant, said at the ceremony that one of the most important and strategic products of the plant is KM100, which needs to be quickly frozen at -35 degrees and stored at -18 degrees before delivery to the customer. Accordingly, the design and construction of Karoun Petrochemical Plant’s cold storage facility  using the company's domestic capabilities and potentialities was on the agenda and this important task was completed by local experts.

He continued by stating that the wall, floor and ceiling insulation of the 400-ton cold storage facility  is made of polyurethane foams based on isocyanates produced by Karoun Petrochemical Company, adding, “The flooring used in this cold store needs to remain durable and consistent at -35 and -18 degrees which are two serious challenges.”

The CEO of Karoun Petrochemical Plant added: "To solve this challenge, a material should be used in the construction of flooring that is not brittle at low temperatures and retains its toughness and flexibility, and the best material was polyurethanes based on the company's production of isocyanate. Based on this, we were able to design and produce a coating based on isocyanates and use it in the construction of this unique cold storage facility .”


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