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Export of Iranian Catalysts to Neighboring Countries

Export of Iranian Catalysts to Neighboring Countries
(Monday, November 1, 2021) 15:41

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- An Iranian company, relying on local knowledge and the efforts of domestic researchers, has had a successful performance in the production of chemical catalysts, which in addition to exporting products to neighboring countries, seeks to expand its export market to other countries.

Smart Catalyst, an Iranian manufacturer of chemical catalysts, recently shipped 20 million tons of sulfuric acid catalysts, the third shipment the company has made to Iraq, and plans to continue exporting.

Smart Catalyst has already exported goods to Afghanistan and is in talks to export its products to Kenya, the UAE and Pakistan.

Relying on local knowhow and the efforts of domestic researchers, this Iranian company has succeeded for the first time in the industrial production of ethylbenzene to styrene dehydrogenation catalyst and ammonia synthesis catalyst for petrochemical plants that supply urea and ammonia.

Urea and ammonia petrochemical complexes consuming ammonia synthesis catalysts include Razi, Pardis, Khorasan, Hengam, Lordegan, Kermanshah and Masjed Soleyman. Moreover, five new ammonia petrochemical projects are currently under construction.

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