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MOP Kicks off Conservation Agenda

MOP Kicks off Conservation Agenda
(Monday, October 25, 2021) 16:34

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- In a statement to the managers and deputy minister of petroleum, Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji called for saving energy consumption in winter.

The text of Javad Owji's communiqué addressed to the CEOs of major companies, deputy ministers, ministerial advisers, CEOs of oil industry subsidiaries, managers of independent headquarters units and heads of subsidiaries reads as follows:


One of the challenges, especially in the cold season, is the concern of gas shortage due to its unconventional consumption in the domestic sector. Considering that all the efforts of the Ministry of Petroleum in winter are to provide gas and fuel needed by the general public, especially in the domestic sector, it is necessary from now on to prepare and make the necessary arrangements for efficient use of energy in all offices, companies and residential developments. Subsidiaries and other areas and facilities, including required repairs, overhauls and upgrade of motorhomes, reducing electricity consumption as much as possible, observing the comfort temperature of 18-22 degrees in roofed areas, turning off power generators during holidays, etc. to help the process of energy supply and prevention of possible shortages are among the measures that must be taken for the energy conservation purposes.

It is also necessary to develop and implement the necessary training for all employees to use energy efficiently. Obviously, the responsibility for following up and monitoring this issue in companies lies with the human resource development management."

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