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NPC Unveils New Achievements

NPC Unveils New Achievements
(Monday, August 9, 2021) 20:25

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The new portal of the National Petrochemical Company, the feedstock and product system of the petrochemical industry complexes and a new edition of the book, “Processes and Chemical Reactions in the Iranian Petrochemical Industry” have been unveiled.

Petrochemical industry feedstock is one of the crucial requirements for production in the industry, and based on this, we must have feedstock supply stability.

The feedstock system has been set up next to the production system and it monitors the feedstock of petrochemicals on a daily basis and online to have communication with the upstream sector concerning feedstock supply and monitor the reduction or cessation of the supply chain.

The system has been created based on the design and capacity of the complexes as well as the actual production level of petrochemical plants across the country.

The new edition of the book, “Processes and Chemical Reactions in Iran's Petrochemical Industry,” was prepared with the aim of updating the information of the petrochemical industry in the country.

Alireza Karimi, head of coordination and production affairs of the National Petrochemical Company, stated that the new edition of the book was originally published in 2010, and its new edition has been updated with the data about 67 petrochemical plants in the country.

Karimi continued: “In the new edition, information about catalysts and utilities has also been added and the necessary data about the method of manufacturing and production of catalysts has been included.”

He added: "This book can be a reference for knowledge-based companies, researchers and students."

The General Director of Management Information Systems and Computers of the National Petrochemical Company said: "Due to the changing role of NPC as a development company, the new portal will meet the needs of the industry's audience."

Tahereh Moin said, "One of the pillars of our strategic missions was to integrate key information along the value chain.”

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