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Jam Petchem Plant Honored for Supplying Innovative Iran

Jam Petchem Plant Honored for Supplying Innovative Iran
(Tuesday, April 6, 2021) 16:32

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Jam Petrochemical Plant has supplied terpolymer which has been recognized as the top Iranian product in the calendar year of 1399 which ended on March 20.

According to the public relations office of Jam Petrochemical Company, during the 5th National Festival of Top Iranian Product Innovation, which was held in the presence of representatives of selected companies at the Sharif University of Technology, the terpolymer grade of Jam Petrochemical Plant named JAMPILEN RP120L was selected as the top Iranian product and the company was awarded a golden statue and the certificate of appreciation.

The evolution of the polymer film industry took place for the first time in the country by using state-of-the-art savvy in the world at the facility.

Production of JAMPILEN RP120L was put on the company’s agenda in order to meet domestic needs and create value added for the complementary industries with the aim of preventing the annual outflow of $20 million in hard currency.

Iran consumes up to 12,000 tons of the item annually.

A terpolymer is a chemical compound resulting from a polymer that has a molecular structure built mostly or completely from a large number of similar units bonded together (such as a complex resin). A terpolymer is a result of the copolymerization of three different monomers, and is sometimes used to prevent corrosion.
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