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Karoun Petchem Plant Prides on Product Diversity, Market Development

Karoun Petchem Plant Prides on Product Diversity, Market Development
(Wednesday, March 17, 2021) 18:25

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Karoun Petrochemical Company pointed to a new record and a 35% increase in production compared to last year by the company.

According to Karun Petrochemical Company, "The diversity of the product portfolio and development of domestic and export markets have been the achievements of Karun Petrochemical Company in the year, said Alireza Sedighizadeh.

Referring to the unveiling of several products during the current calendar year, which began on March 21, he said: “There were initially only two TDI and MDI products in the list of Karun’s items, but now we have four products and we are trying to add another one next year.”

The official continued: "We hope that next year, by receiving the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, we will be able to sell these products through the stock exchange.”

Sedighizadeh further noted that so far no product has been unveiled without marketing, adding: “Market research, collecting information from the Islamic Republic Customs for import, preparing foreign samples, laboratory production, commercial sample production, exchanging information with customers to achieve the definite product and ultimately commercialization is the path that Karun Petrochemical Company follows exactly before unveiling any new item.”

The CEO of Karoun Petrochemical Company said TDI, MDI and aniline are the main export products of the company, and continued: "We plan to add nitro benzene to our export mix next year as the most important product used in the pharmaceutical industry."

He added: "The main policy of Karun Petrochemical Company is based on consuming less hard currency at home and generate more hard exchange for the country, and we are trying to turn the amount of both into a significant amount next year."

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