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Official Lauds Petchem Progress despite Sanctions

Official Lauds Petchem Progress despite Sanctions
(Tuesday, December 29, 2020) 21:58

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – A member of the board of directors of the Iranian Petroleum Industry Federation, pointed to the role of the petrochemical industry during the sanctions period, and said: "The leadership of the National Petrochemical Company in the intelligent development of the industry and especially completion of the value chain is commendable."

In an interview with NIPNA, Farshid Shokrkhodaei, while reviewing the development trend of the petrochemical industry, praised the current progress in the industry, and said that it is a matter of pride that such progress has occurred under the sanctions against the country.

Shokrkhodai said: “The presence of the petrochemical industry is very necessary to complete the value chain of the country's oil industry as we may have trouble exporting oil or even gas. So it is better to give this industry a certain dynamism.”

He continued: "The petrochemical industry also has a good strength, and that is physical development. Of course, in the petrochemical industry, construction is not the only issue. The issue of easy access, exports, technical savvy and project economics is considered important, too.”

The official said that the petrochemical industry ensures job creation and sustainable development in the country, adding the development of this industry will lead to cost-effective employment and development, as well as to a resilient economy.

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