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Hegmataneh Petchem Plant Operational

Hegmataneh Petchem Plant Operational
(Thursday, December 24, 2020) 22:58

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Hegmataneh Petrochemical Plant has become officially operational by an order issued by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani via videoconference on Thursday.

The projects is the first producer of medical grade granulation powder and PVC in the country with an annual capacity of 45,000 tons.

The license to establish Hegmataneh Petrochemical Plant was issued by the National Petrochemical Company in September 2002.

Since last year, financial resources of this project were provided with the support of the Ministry of Petroleum and the National Petrochemical Company, and it was completed as one of the second-leap projects of the petrochemical industry, and for the first time in the country, a valuable medical-grade PVC is produced.

The strategic product of medical grade granulation is one of the most unique petrochemical products in the world and only a few countries have the technological knowhow to produce it. By inauguration of the plant, Iran will no longer need to import the item.

This project was built with an investment of $30 million and 3,000 billion Iranian rials on a 15-hectare land 10 km in the Hamadan-Tehran artery.

Hegmataneh Petrochemical Plant is fed with an estimated 45,000 tons of vinyl chloride monomer per year and the sales value of the products based on the base price of 2016 is estimated at $35 million per year.

The technical savvy of this unit belongs to Italy’s IGS and has been built with the participation of the private sector and the National Petrochemical Company in three process, utility and offsite units.

Implementation of Hegmataneh Petrochemical Project has created employment for 500 people during its construction and 250 people during operation.

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