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MP Hails Petchem Industry

Petchem Industry Smashes Bans, MP

Petchem Industry Smashes Bans, MP
(Monday, November 16, 2020) 23:25

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Energy Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said: "Iran will not give up under any circumstances and despite the sanctions, it will develop its oil and petrochemical industry."

Emphasizing that Iran is developing its capacities in the petrochemical industry and will materialize the third leap in the industry, Abdolkarim Jomeiri told Shana: "Iran's petrochemical industry is currently on the path to development and has of course been influential in the global arena. Industry developments in Iran's oil and petrochemicals after the victory of the Islamic Revolution are not comparable to before, and Iran has had a significant leap in this industry.”

He pointed to the operation of important petrochemical projects in recent years, and added: "In the past few years, including the current year, several petrochemical projects were put into operation in the country, and this was done while sanctions had overshadowed the country."

The member of the Energy Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated: “The country is moving towards its goals in oil and petrochemical production and it will reach its goal of increasing the production of items, as the most valuable industry in the country is now considered the petrochemical industry. These cases show that although sanctions impose costs on the country, the development train, especially the development of the petrochemical industry, does not stop.”

"The leaps in the petrochemical industry must continue, because it plays an important role in economic development as a value-added industry in the oil and gas production chain," Jomeiri said.

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