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Karoon Petrochemical Plant;

Plant Unveils New Items to Diversify Output

Plant Unveils New Items to Diversify Output
(Saturday, November 14, 2020) 18:57

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – Iran’s Karoon Petrochemical Company unveiled two new and widely-used items in foam and paint industries which will add to the plant’s production portfolio.

The items will be used to satisfy the domestic need for the items in the cold foam and paint industries.

Alireza Sedighizadeh, the CEO of Karoon Petrochemical Company, said on Saturday, November 15, at the unveiling ceremony of the two new products that his complex was the first producer of isocyanates, including TDI and MDI in the Middle East and West Asia.

MTDA and KMT-10 were introduced by the Karoon Petrochemical Plant in order to diversify its product portfolio, meet the needs of downstream industries, complete the value chain and increase resilience in the face of sanctions.

He continued: “The commercial supply of the new grades, in addition to rendering the country self-sufficient in production of the items, meets the needs of petrochemical downstream industries in the country.

The CEO of Karoon Petrochemical Company, noting that the firm had an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons of KMT-10 and that the most important application of this product is in the production of cold foam molds with high flexibility for use in the automotive and office and home furniture industries, added: “MTDA production capacity in this company is 1,000 tons to meet the needs of intermediate and downstream manufacturers of paint, resin and polyurethane industries.”

Sedighizadeh stated that the use of KMT-10 in furniture production prevents the loss of flexibility of car seats and furniture over time, adding production of car seats with this product does not require special furnaces and equipment.

He also said that MTDA is primarily used for production of paint and the item produced by Karoon Petrochemical Plant has managed to spark interest among Iranian consumers and producers of paint.

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