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Petchem Development, National Strategy

Petchem Development, National Strategy
(Monday, October 5, 2020) 22:20

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- A member of the Presidium of the Islamic Consultative Assembly underlined the need to support the petrochemical industry in order to complete the value chain and reduce crude sales, saying: "This industry is on the path to development with a favorable pace."

Hossein Ali Haji Deligani, speaking to NIPNA, stressed the need to support the petrochemical industry for the economic and industrial development of the country, and said: “The construction and development of petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants while converting crude oil into final products and complete the value chain, can provide the basis for augmenting hard currency generation in the country.”

The MP added: "Supporting petrochemical companies and the further prosperity of this industry will lead to more hard currency generation for the country, and fortunately, Iran's petrochemical industry has had a successful and acceptable performance in this field."

He continued: "Development of petrochemical industry creates jobs in the country and the development of downstream industries and the creation of new opportunities for balanced development and efforts to complete the value chain should be given special attention."

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