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Iran PET Exports Triple: CEO

Iran PET Exports Triple: CEO
(Sunday, June 21, 2020) 09:41

TEHRAN (NIPNA) -- The CEO of Shahid Tondguyan Petrochemical Company said Iran’s export of PET had more than tripled in the calendar year of 1398 which ended on March 19, compared to the preceding year.

According to the company’s PR department, Reza Ghasemi Shahri told the annual assembly of the company that it had registered new production and sales records for polyethylene terephthalate products.

"Last year, about 1,140,000 tons of all types of polyethylene terephthalate products were produced in Shahid Tondguyan Petrochemical Plant,” he said.

He further added that the company yielded over 10,000 tons of items in the first 4 months of 1398 and only in the month of Mehr (7th month in the Iranian calendar year – September 23 to October 22) it supplied 109,000 tons of products.

The official went on to add that in five months of 1398, production crossed 100% of the nameplate capacity of the plant.

Elsewhere in his address, Mr. Shahri said the company sold 618,000 tons of items on the local and export markets during the year.

The domestic sales of polyethylene terephthalate products in 1398 was about 573,000 tons, which was the highest domestic sales since 1394, he added.

Ghasemi Shahri, referring to the threefold increase in exports of polyethylene terephthalate products in 1398 compared to 1397, emphasized: “Last year, about 46,000 tons of products were exported to world markets, which is about three times the amount in 1397.”

He said that the leap in exports of petrochemical products after the full supply of domestic needs and record of the highest sales to domestic complementary industries had been materialized by his company, adding: “It is expected this year if the required feedstock is supplied, new production records, domestic sales and export volumes will be achieved.”

The CEO of Shahid Tondguyan Petrochemical Company emphasized that the most important program of this petrochemical company is to diversify the production mix and supply new grades with the aim of eliminating the need for import and supply the needs of complementary petrochemical industries in the country.

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