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Collecting APG, Step towards Value-Added Generation

Collecting APG, Step towards Value-Added Generation
(Saturday, April 18, 2020) 17:08

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The Adviser to the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology said: "The activities of the petrochemical industry to collect associated petroleum gas (APG) are a big step in creating more value added value as well as protecting the environment."

Speaking to NIPNA, Ali Vatani said that the ongoing projects in the petrochemical industry to extinguish the flare stacks are very valuable and useful, saying, "Activities have been carried out to stop flaring APG which require some time to become fully operational.”

There are 4 types of flare stacks: those in oil refineries, gas refineries, petrochemical plants and over wellheads. Various projects are designed to prevent burning the APG in petroleum operations.

Associated petroleum gas (APG), or associated gas, is a form of natural gas which is found with deposits of petroleum, either dissolved in the oil or as a free "gas cap" above the oil in the reservoir.


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