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Jam Petchem Plant Modifies C5Cut Quality

Jam Petchem Plant Modifies C5Cut Quality
(Saturday, January 18, 2020) 15:33

TEHRAN (NIPNA) – The experts at Jam Petrochemical Plant have corrected the poor quality of the C5Cut feedstock of the olefin unit of the facility in order to optimize the plant’s output.

According to the company’s PR office, the company’s olefin unit, with production of ethylene, propylene, benzene prolysis, fuel oil and four carbonated compounds, is one of the largest and most active units in the industrial complex which is located in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone in Assaluyeh, southern Iran.

According to Mehdi Seif Elahi, the plant’s deputy CEO for Process Engineering, Production Control and Energy, benzene pyrolysis is one of the byproducts of the unit,  with an average production of 30 to 38 tons per hour.

The item is sent to Barzouyeh petrochemical plant for production of aromatic materials including benzene, toluene and xylene, he said. 

After the aromatics extraction process, the remainder of this material, called C5Cut, is returned to Jam Petrochemical Company as a feedstock to be combined with other feedstock from the company to be used in the olefin unit of the facility.

According to him, more than 60% of the C5Cut feedstock which is received from Barzouyeh Plant olefinic compounds. According to these designs, once the olefinic compounds are introduced into the cracking furnaces, most of the materials are converted into tar, coke, or fuel oil, which are of very low added value.

The company's olefin specialists have begun designing a project for the hydrogenation of olefin compounds to make the shift from olefinic to para-olefinic and isoparaffinic compounds and the production of high value added items such as ethylene and propylene, Seif Elahi added.

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